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Concert Service:

To prepare a concert grand piano for the season or even for a single performance can take two or three days of intense work. We regulate the action for the fastest possible repetition and absolute evenness. The voicing is prepared over and over again, each session more carefully than the one before. When finished with a concert service, a good technician knows the sound of every wire in the instrument and the feel of every knuckle. The piano should sound better than it has ever sounded before, especially better than when it was new!

In my work for universities, Baldwin Concert and Artist Service in New York and regional Steinway services I have set up pianos and performed concert service for pianists Alicia DeLarocha, Earl Wild, Vladimir Feltzman, George Shearing, Earl "Fatha" Hines, Jeffrey Cahane (on Telarc Records), Dave Brubeck, Misha Dichter, Abbey Simon, Stephen Hough, and many others. I have worked for pianists in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Toledo, Youngstown, Louisville, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Sacramento, Tucson, Knoxville, Nashville, Branson, Mo., etc. No two artists play the same way or want the same sound from an instrument. My concert service experiences have always been better when I have met the players, discussed the possibilities of the instrument with them and responded to their requests.