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SERVICES: Tuning, Voicing, Action Regulating, Action Balancing, Action Rebuilding, Concert Service

I offer the following services to the public at this time:

1. Piano Tuning and voicing. I nearly always do piano tuning and voicing together because both procedures are equally necessary to ensure that the piano has a beautiful sound. Piano tuning and voicing can allow a piano to sound its' very best.

2. Action regulating. The delicate playing mechanism needs periodic adjusting to keep it working efficiently.

3. Action balancing. Some pianos' actions are too heavy, too light, or difficult to control. A well-balanced action is smooth, reliable, and even.

4. Action rebuilding. I try to do complete action service when I rebuild, so that the piano isn't left with that "weak link," a part or adjustment that causes some kind of failure before it should. A rebuilt action will have new parts and cloth, will be regulated and voiced and will be balanced to the player's request.

5. Concert Service. I have serviced pianos for soloists and orchestras in concert halls in many cities across the United States.
I especially enjoy the challenge of serving pianists, on stage or otherwise, who ask for the most refined piano sound and touch.
I welcome such calls and make them the highest priority.